Friday, May 15, 2009

gadget4all strawberry "adore-abe" desktop vacuum

this sh!t must be a dream for you hypo-con-driacs.

the office is a breeding ground of germs, and whatever sorta flesh-eating kinda bacterias that exist. like purely nasty. i think there was a science experiment once conducted where they [q-tip] swabbed some slob's keyboard and compared it to the inside of a toilet.

f*ck phone call. i hate when work gets in the way of a post. wtf. thanks for interrupting my trail of flooow.


so guess who won this fierce head-to-head pertri dish battle? yes, the slob. i mean just josie grossy grody. eek.

however as i now realize (as the caffeine [coffee] haze parts [like moses] in my brain momentarily), this stawberry vacuum has nothing to do with sanitizing your desk. it just picks up dust. god, and i thought so early in the morning i was lucid enough to compose a post on this adore-abe creature.

well i got another 8 hours to go until the happy hour clock strikes 5:00pm. so, stay tuned for more caffeine induced crazed posts. seriously tho, i cant be held accountable for any sorta incoherent gib-jab-gibberish from now on. ima wired as a 1000 watt light bulb.

wo000ooo0000oooo0000oooow wee333eee...

now just imagine me on drugs. [laugh out loud]

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