Friday, May 15, 2009

abercrombie & fitch isabel "yellow?" cami

as history serves me correct, abercrombie has typically been deemed a "white" or lemme be pc and say "caucasian" kinda brand. i mean you say abercrombie, and the first image that poops in your [well my] head are buff hot caucasian [of college age] males frolicking in the grassy fields with flip flops, jeans and no shirts on [hot].

so I, who historically has been shunned by the asian folks (i dunno, cause im tall? and i dont like taking pictures with that stoopid peace sign pose?) decided to befriend the caucasian race. hence, by everlasting love of abercrombie which i discovered looong time ago and rocked since high school. yes im old.

god im so white. or i guess the correct term is "twinkie". get it. yellow on the outside, white in the inside? duh.

however. recently it has become trendy in the asian people relm to be "caucasian" and love/like everything caucasian. hence, the explanation why when you enter an abercrombie store (at a strip mall near you) you see the swarm of asian people in the sale section. jesus christ! stop stealing my stee-lo. go back to wearing jnco jeans and ufo's and leave my brand alone. god. so annoying.

anywho. who likes this top? me! i do...

ps: if you havent figured it out, i am asian. so no, im not racist and i have all the permission in the world to hate on my own people. xP

click for more info: abercrombie & fitch isabel cami

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