Thursday, April 23, 2009

urban outfitters "memorabilia" solid wood stapler

i dunno why anyone would buy a stapler for personal use [at home]. all the staplers i own [owned] have all been stolen properties of my current [or former] job. kinda like mementoes of my employment past. my mom collects spoons from each city/country she [or people she knows] visits. i collect [well pilfer] office supplies from my job travels.

dont judge me please. y'all have stolen a thing or two from your place of work. c'mon. like that binder clip you used to hold together the hem of your pants, or that post-it you jotted that oogly receptionist's digits and stuck to the back of your blackberry for future "use". [well actually, if she was worthy of a call back, b!tch wouldve been entered in your cell phone address book. guess you "mysteriously" lost the post-it.] anyways, these are all examples of thievery. which warrants termination (and incarcertation for petty larceny).

gotta say tho. me blogging now on work "time" are also grounds of me getting fired. oh well. the next blog will be written immediately following the completion of this one.

see, i like to live dangerously.

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