Tuesday, April 28, 2009

soia & kyo "box office smash" talia jacket

i walk into bloomingdales for the sole purpose of buying my friend a birthday gift. fine, mission accomplished. done. i bought her [a little] something. but of course what does this moron [me] do?

bright idea: oh, lemme go check out the new soia & kyo jackets up on the 5th floor.
answer: should be no. but the body went anyway.

with my 20% friends & family coupon in tow, i wonder, maybe theyre on sale? i get to the rack, no theyre not.

bright idea: oh, i still can get 20% off the regular price.
answer: should be no. but heck i get 20% off anything, whats the harm finding one i may like.

fine. it wont hurt to try one on. i mean they have my size and the jacket is cute.

bright idea: try it on and see if i like it in case i find it on sale online.
answer: should be no. but the jacket jumps up and [bites] puts itself on me.

of course its the last one (well i never confirmed it with an official bloomies employee). but according to the rack it was.

bright idea: buy it anyways, you get 20% off and you can always return it since its the last one.
answer: should be no dumb@ass, since you never ever return anything. but my black bloomies card escapes from my wallet and swipes itself on the credit card machine.

get home and try on the jacket on again. then open my overfilled [pregnant] closet and see my 10 other spring jackets.

bright idea: well i only have 1 rain jacket and oh wait, i dont have a grey spring jacket.
answer: should be no listen, you dont need another gosh dang jacket. you dont even have a spare hanger for this new coat. return it. but the price tag snags off on its own and i happens to land on the trash. oopsey.

you have just witnessed a play-by-play account on the inside [twisted] mind of a shopaholic. based in a true story [that actually happened last friday]. in theaters when i find some big wig movie honcho to fund my screenplay and turn this sad saga into a box office smash.

click for more info: soia & kyo talia


  1. 'a thrill ride from start to finish', Store clerk from the Bloomingndale Tribune writes.

  2. thank you sir for relaying that review. it means more to me than what ebert & roper will ever say...