Wednesday, April 22, 2009

soia & kyo "the matrix" ami jacket

im currently on a conference call. i dont feel like listening. so im blogging. see how much i care about my job?

soia & kyo makes some funky clothes. and i am the proud owner of one of their jackets (purchased at bloomingdales, of course). you feel like a funky dunky space chick when wearing one of their pieces. i'll tell ya, i felt like trinity from the matrix with my black soia & kyo trench jacket yesterday. except the fact that i dont possess the same @ss kicking skillz. my weapon of giving a beatdown is my trucker/sailor potty mouth. screw sticks and stones may break my bones. cause words will hurt, especially with my cussing verbage abilities.

nanny nanny poo poo.

click for more info: soia & kyo ami jacket

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