Wednesday, April 8, 2009

red envelope "what the hell you eatin'?" eggling

so i hate eggs. im psycho-logically allergic to them. i mean repulsed by the smell, taste and texture. im already gagging at the thought (and smell) of scrambled eggs [barf]. good thing my computer isnt a smell-o-puter. seriously. i dont see the appeal of eating chicken larvae, but hey, i guess if someone like rocky enjoys wolfing them down raw [yo adrienne] there must be some bodily benefit to them.

anywho. eggs (the shape) themselves are cute little creatures. with easter 'round the corner, you cant walk into a cvs or duane reade without running into a display that looks like easter up-chucked on it. so instead of giving your little easter-ling a [boring] painted egg that eventually rot and stink, [gag] how 'bout this darlin' eggling garden? btw, they dont come grown [dur]. you sprinkle some seeds into the lil egg-noggy thingie, and holy jumpin jack-in-the-beanstalk, you got yourself a mini garden of eden. (well give or take a month or two. im not a green thumb you know?)

it also beats giving your darlin' easter-ling one of those gross cadbury eggs. who actually eats those anyways? its like licorice and purple jellybeans. no one in their right mind or possessing any sort of taste buddies would eat that sh!t. i dont understand why they havent been discontinued from the candy-land world. i also dont understand why it snows in nyc during april. wtf? humpf.

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