Monday, April 13, 2009

skinny cow mint ice cream "sub" sandwiches

im not a complete health nut. trust me. i mostly try to eat heathly to balance out the massive quantities of alcohol and caffeine (and whatever toxins) i consume [some thru osmosis] throughout any given week. if this wasnt the case, i'd end up like that fool from the documentary "supersize me." or even worse, on the brink of a massive coronary due to a daily diet of mcdonald's (yum), wendy's (yummers), taco bell (yo quiero!), and chinese food (#9 lunch special w/french fries and pork flyed lice w/wonton soup. mmm...) oh wait. dont forget the egg roww.

so in my consorted efforts to keep my body from beating the f*ck out of me [or hitting the self-destruct button], i appease it with delicious health treats such as these skinny cow ice cream sandwiches. honestly i wouldve preferred them to be the size of a 50 foot long hero sub (and still be the same caloric value) but i wont complain.
5....5....5 dollar footloooong.

sorry mental spasm.

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