Thursday, April 30, 2009

samsung spf-85v "on/off" wireless digital photo frame

so this is what mom is getting for mother's day. pretty sweet, eh? and no, im not getting a samsung one cause its made by my peoples (the koreans) its got some neat-o features besides flashing pictures of us bratty kids and big poppa (aka "dad" or aka "the atm machine").

the wireless option and auto on/off features are just a couple of schnazzy things this guy does. i can go further with the extra features but im too lazy to keep reading on the specs so look it up yourself if youre really that interested.

ps: i bet my mom wishes she had the auto on/off feature when raising us yahoo kids. this so she can turn us on or off whenever she pleases throughout any given day. thinking back what pains-in-the-@sses we all were, sh!t wouldve been permanently off.

pps: hope mom doesnt read my blog. if so, oh well. happy early momma's day madre. in addition to finding about your pressy present, you have now learned what an angry alcoholic b!tchy former pot-smokin/druggie daughter you have (please note the "former" part).


  1. Dude your awesomeeee thats why you my sis :) plus i know i was the worst child out of all 3 of us haha sorry :) but im also looking for some nice pictures k k :) good job dude you get Wendy's when you come home next time LOL

  2. NICE. dude we're gonna end up spending like $50 on the dollar menu at wendy's as usual.

    btw: the older one decided she will go out and buy the frame and upload the pics. cross your fingers she gets it right. lol.

    ps: i think we can both agree the oldest one is the biggest pain in the @ss. fo' sho.
    (woops. hope she doesnt read this. te hee hee).

    and wtf?! you doin up at 1:03am? go to bed and stop eating those nasty combos.