Wednesday, April 22, 2009

sabon body "im a" scrub

i was first introduced to this company sabon by my lovely friend tasha. since then ive been obsessed with their body scrub (yes, i take showers. even tho i still think showering is over-rated). the salt is from the dead sea, so automatically this scrub sh!t is legit. apparently taking a dip in the dead sea cures psoriasis (some dry skin disorder) and other bodily ailments. i mean you can dip a box of raisins in the dead sea, and when you pull em out, you got yourself a vineyard full of grapes. har har. that was funny...

caution: if you have the most minute paper cut or scraped your knee playing football or falling on the streets of nyc (because you've had one too many cocktails), do not use this. because it f*cking hurts. talk about [sc]rubbing some salt to a wound.

btw: in honor of earth day (which i did not know is today), you get a free rose bath salt with a purchase of $50 or more. for which, i have no use. i dont even have a bath tub, let alone a bedroom in my tiny studio. im lucky my apartment came with a toilet, cause if not, i'd be runnin to starbucks everytime i gotta go #1, #2...

t.m.i. - too much info. whatever, we're all friends.

click for more info: sabon body scrub

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