Friday, April 10, 2009

orla kiely pear "cheery" tumbler set

if you havent noticed. the trend today is "cheery" yay. might as well make it the secret word today. so kiddies, if you hear me say "cheery" you have to yell, ahhhhhh! then do your most outrageous and [soulful] pee wee laugh.

why so cheery? [ahhhh! heeh heeh] the fact that im sitting at work on a holiday where most normal human beings have off and the post office lost my package and im stoned cold sober and the plastic knife i was using to harm myself in order to leave work early broke, im resigned to make the most out of my [good] friday and spread love and cheer (not quite the word cheery. sh!t. ahhhh! heeh heeh) throughout the world.

all sh!t by orla kiely is so gosh dang happy looking. if i die and get reincarnated, i would love to come back as these deelightful pear tumblers or if its not askin too much a fruit. either way, you are loved by all people. tumbler, cause it holds your most favorite [alcoholic] beverages. fruit, cause you can eat me, and not get fat. then again as fruit, if you eat me, i'll be dead and as tumbler, you drop me i'll be dead. hmm. think, we'll need to re-think my reincarnation wishes.

please hold...

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