Wednesday, April 1, 2009

nike cooperstown brushback "swingin friar" hoody

ok, i forgot another thing i hoard [like a hamster] are hoodies. i think i got one in every color of the rainbow x 232. no joke.

since the ncaa tournament is dead to me [like a disowned child] ive moved on with life to brighter and greener pastures. baseball. yay. so in my "chipper" dipper spirit i bring you this dope hoody, brought to you by the folks at nike [loves 'em mucho. ]

from their cooperstown [retro] collection, it even has a noose inside the hood for your headphones. such witty and creative f*cks they are. and no, im not a san diego padre fan. just thought you rarely see swinging friars on the fronts of hoodies, this would be a doozie to show my bloggy blog audience. i mean its like a t-shirt with mother teresa going up for a dunk. pretty gosh dang rare.

oh and, you kinda look like a monk wearing this specific hoody (with hood up, of course.) just add: (1) little cesars hair cut [pizza, pizza], (2) some dopey flip flops and (3) piece of white twine for a belt. presto change-o. your 2009 halloween costume.


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