Wednesday, April 1, 2009

nike air max 95 "oh boy" summer launches

dude. seriously. im going bat sh!t right now. just found this post on three additional colorways being released this year for the air max 95:

-freshwater: launch date april 2009
-team orange: launch date june 2009
(*wink, wink* june 21st is my birthday...)
-new green & sport red: launch date somewhere in between those two

mother f*cker. i may need to rent out the apartment next door to me and convert it to a shoe closet the size of kim kardashian's @ss, cause i aint got no more room for my beloved kicks. ok, maybe kim & jlo's booties combined.

i got mad kicks yo...

update: so "team orange" really is safety orange. which means i already have this pair. so its technically a "re-launch." which, i dont give a f*ck, i accept duplicates, triplicates, octuplets, etc...

click for more info: nike air max 95 summer 2009

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