Wednesday, April 1, 2009

nike air max 95 "phresh" fresh water

i need to start looking straight or up to the sky [god] walking the streets of nyc. this to avoid seeing new kicks on people's dang feets. cause what happens when i looked down yesterday? (well i was side-stepping a glob of doggy poo. valid reason) some mofo rockin these hot @ss 95's.

besides collectiong a bizillion expired metrocards [dont ask] these puppies are about the only other thing i hoard. at current count, i think i have about 20 different colors. yes. im bragging, cause im the nike air max 95 queen b!tch.

oh yea, i also own the air max 95 in all red valentines day edition that were released circa 2000. phresh in its original box including all the paper and never laced or worn . ever. also, [tooting my own blow horn] as an ex-nike employee [and sneaker nut] ive also memorized the style # of this shoe: 609048 (072 is the original neon yellow colorway.) boo-yah.

ps: im probably gonna get screwed because these are of course adult mens sizes only. im gonna get f*cked and resort to buying the cheap kid size version and get jipped with the one stoopid air bubble on the back heel. what a kill joy...

pps: that or i need to inject steroids in my feet-sies so i can be of a man's shoe size. get me on the juice!
where's a-roid's bro?

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