Friday, April 3, 2009

massimo lunardon animal "bong" bombons

anytime i hear blown glass, i think back to my college days (not that long ago. im still a sprite springy [kung pao] chicken) when i used to take hits of 12 foot water pipes. ok, thats the scientific name of what we weed stoners call a bong. ok, fine. i cant categorize myself a stoner anymore since i quit that life of sin for a more simple quaker [oat] life as an amish in the state of pennsyltuckey.

april fools!

yes, i know its april 3rd. but listen, im an ex-stoner, we deserve some lee-way in life since we've singed most our brain cells away with every puff puff pass of the gangja. we live life on a time delay, so please be patient to your fellow hippie dippy stoner. it may give you some [weed] brownie points to heaven.

back to what i was writing about (see. already evidence of my brain = mush) these bon bons (or bombons) who the f*ck knows, are pretty trippy dippy. i mean ive never seen a more beautiful gerbil daisy than one stabbed on top of an octopus or something in the shape of fido.

btw: to digress. its a gosh dang miracle im even able to put a sentence together, let alone this blog after my stint in [party hardy] college. i bet you f*ckers dont believe im actually writing this blog. futhermore, you're picturing a chinchilla (behind a curtain) typing my thoughts in verbatim as i mumble aimlessly my views on life and shopping. whatever believe what you want.

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