Friday, April 24, 2009

leifsdottir sylvan scene "i win" cardigan

speaking of stalking. i was stalking this cardigan ever since i saw it in the anthropologie catalog. its been like 3 months and thought, hot dang, i was losing my touch, since (a) havent been able to find this sweater on sale (b) on sale and in my size (c) cant find even on eBay! wtf?

ever the professional shopper, thought i'd give it another shot and google this laddie one last time. while watching my 3rd sex and the city episode in 1 1/2 hours at 12:30am EDT, low and behold i find it available on in my size and on sale. woot woot! so i feverishly add it to my cart and do the most lighting quick checkout before any other [b!tch] snags it before i do [confession: i shop there soo much, they have all my info stored]. after getting the order confirmation, i know im golden. its mine. weee!

well just to be an @sshole, i go back to the site to see if i got the last one. and yes, the cardigan is now no longer in stock. i win! suck it, all you slow @ss checkout scrubs.

this whole [euphoric] ordeal finding the cardigan on sale, purchasing it and getting the last one took a toll [physically and cranium-ly]. apparently i passed out [no, i wasnt drunk. fools.] and maybe around 8:00pm EDT later that day, i get an email confirming shipment of my order. huh? what order?

sh!t i had totally forgot i ordered the bloody cardigan. jesus. i work miracles even in my "sleep" or as i would diagnose it, "shopping daze."

ps: for you suckas trying the link below, the sweater is still sold out.

pps: i just got cardigan today. its sitting here next to me at work. we're about go for [liquid] lunch today. cardigan is dang lucky to have such a awesome @ss owner like me. twittle-ee-dee. so happy.

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