Tuesday, April 21, 2009

junk food this is my "all men are created" lazy shirt tee

ok. in between the time i found this shirt on bloomingdales.com until now i've yawned like 67 times. i dont know if you know, but yawning is contagious [like an std]. why? i have no idea. i attempted to google the answer and found an article, but i lost all concentration after the 1st sentence. also because:

(a) i dont care.
(b) too much scientific mumba jumba to interpret.
(c) i hit the "x" on the top right hand corner of the window and x-ed out of the screen by accident. oops.
(d) too lazy to go back and find the site.
(e) so go do your own scientfic research.

ps: fitting, this is a men's tee. cause all men are born sloths. and im not talking the animal. but ive definitely met a sh!t ton of men that have a slight resemblance to this swarthy [wannable] marsupial. good thing bars are dim. or maybe not a good thing. depends how thick the beer goggles are, on a given night...

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