Monday, April 20, 2009

hello kitty "schizo" zodiac necklaces

as life would have it, being born on june 21st qualifies me to sit right smack in the middle on the cusp of two zodiac signs [gemini & cancer]. even better, gemini is a twin sign - so that means im a two-faced and [schizo] indecisive personality. throw in the [charming] traits of a cancer, and youve got a seriously f*cked up [but fun to be around] homa-sapien. adding more petroleum to the bonfire, june 21st also happens to be the summer solstice. which, i have no friggin clue how this effects one's personality, but sh!t it doesnt hurt to assume it does.

oh and also how life would have it. the gemini herro kitty is the most expensive [well along with pisces, but that sign doesnt count] of the 12. so in addition to dropping $980 on gemini, i need to plunk down another $750 for the crabby cancer kitty.

oh and also how life would have it [yet again]. gemini and cancer are sold out on neiman marcus online. well, since im supposed to be multi-faceted (personality-wise) i can sure as hell skillfully pretend to posses the traits of a sagitarian, since that seems to be in stock. supposedly those half equine people have borderline nut-so tendencies, so it wouldnt be a far stretch for yours truly.

oooooh and also how life would have it [one last time. promise]. father's day 2009 is also on my birthdate. just my luck. i'll be getting silk ties, boxer shorts and tube socks for my birthday. yipee.

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  1. where can i buy this neckless and how much does it cost

  2. please reply because i want to buy it for a very speshul person