Friday, April 10, 2009

free people dreamcatchers "gimme sunshine" dress

so with the sh!tty weather here on the east coast this week (im comin to beat the f*ck out of your mr. groundhog with my 5-iron.) im trying to look at the brighter side of things for a change. brighter, meaning literally warmer. so in my overly optimistic mind, i figure doin the [dull] winter clothes to my [cheery] summer clothes closet swap will "will" the weather gods [al roker and sam champion] into blessing the island of manhattan with some george-ous weather.

listen. its good friday today. i only dropped the "f" bomb like 67 times today. thats way below my daily average and its already 10:59 am EDT. correction. 68 times. realized i used that cuss word on the paragraphy above. i should be rewarded with some sunshine. pertty pleeeease? i mean, c'mon im not even askin for a doggy treat.

speakin of sunshine, this dress just reaks summer. i almost forgot how it feels to be warm and wear next to no clothing since ive been wearing my bearskin rug all winter. this thanks to my lovely apartment building with the sh!ttiest boiler and me sleepin in my ice cube of a bed with a scarf slung (is that a word?) around my neck and still freezing my hiney off. oh [woh is me] the self pity.

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