Tuesday, April 7, 2009

christen haden creepy cute "pa-tooties" crochet

so im back from my brief hiatus of a commerical break. ok, truth. i was carted off to the looney bin, where i was given electric shock therapy to cure my fondess of kooky weird sh!t.

apparently it didnt work since i found this book that makes creepy dollies out of crochet. zombies, ninjas, robots, oh my! cuuuuuute. since i dont have the agility (and patience) to sit and crochet these creepy lil critters, i would have to send off the blueprints to a manufacturing giant such as china to pump out a gazillion of these guys so i can build a village of creepy cuties. watch out smurfs. these guys [gargamel] are comin to take over your smurf village and mushroom houses. muah-haha.

note: after this post, i think humans will shy away from be-friending me [wah], seeing what a nutjob i appear to be, after writing about the takeover of smurf village by my [friends] the creepy cutie pa-tooties. and clearly my existing friends have already abadoned ship. so all i will have as buddies [confidants] will be these creepy dudes.

yo, i'll take out smurfette, if thats what i takes to be considered as one of the creepies. i accept all sorts of hazing.

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