Tuesday, April 21, 2009

banner supply co chicago cubs "we'll get em next year..." hood sweater

im really feelin this whole retro sportswear apparel thats being produced these days. because honestly, the logos and uniforms designed nowadays (ie: baltimore ravens, denver nuggets, new york yankees [cheapshot, and i dont care.] and tampa bay devil rays are just pure oogly. i mean who the f*ck designs these uniforms anyways? a blind beaver?

side note: the washington nationals mustve borrowed bucky the blind beaver to make their uni's this past weekend, cause that genius rodent spelled the team name "natinals" across the chest of every single player. to add insult to injury, the "natinals" have started their pathetic season 2 - 10, which to be perfectly honest i can relate. dude im a mets fan. not only have we not won a world series since 1986, but a few choice seasons since then have been truly, truly, truly suicidal-ly heartbreaking. i wont re-live those memories [nightmares] because i seriously may start bawling at my work desk like a toddler teething.

and if you dont believe me [screw you] here's the article:

however. this i may say, being a met fan is waaay less depressing [slightly] than being a cubbies fan. after the sox broke their curse and won [several] world series, the cubbies are now the sole "i feel sorry for your team" [w/a slight tilt of head] year after year. there's always next year, unless global warming gets us this year. then we're all f*cked...

go green!

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