Friday, April 17, 2009

banana republic "sheesh" cocoon blouse

apparently banana republic now has a shee shee line called the br monogram collection. i mean nothing against banana-rama-lama-ding-dong (cause i usually loves em), but if im gonna spend $200 on a blouse, im not buying it at banana republic. then again, im a moron for even buying a blouse for $200, however ive done stoopid-er things (trust me). apparently though i assume [@ss-out-of-u-and-me] too much. because this b!tch is sold out. like out of stock. what? they make em so exclusive, only like 6 are made at a time?

f*ck, the yanks just hit a homer. dang you robinson cano....

well if you're brave enough to wanna purch-@ss any of these lovely items on, til april 19th, you get 20% off your purch-@ss of $100 or more. just enter some silly promo code at checkout. but of course, restrictions apply.

and if you're reading this after april 19th and missed out on this offer. too f*cking bad. you should be reading my blog everyday. sucka.

click for more info: banana republic cocoon blouse

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