Tuesday, April 14, 2009

audi "nothing's free" q5

so this is my like my 7th time attempting to post on this automobile. everytime i start something, i start to brain queef, and have to trash my pathetic attempt of a post.

maybe im so awed by the gosh dang beauty that is this vehicle. no words i can think of to toot out of my brain and onto my keyboard to explain what a f*cking hot mamma this car is. leave it up to me, to want an opulant [and foreign] gas guzzling car. why couldnt i fall in love with a dodge neon or something midget-y like a mini coop? story of my life.

i dont know why im even looking at cars. its like b!tch that metrocard thats burning a hole in your marc by marc jacobs wallet [uh yea, @ $81 a pop per month] is about all the transportation your [i-need-to-live-in-manhattan] poor @ss will and [barely] can afford. by next month, the only thing i can squeeze out of my monthy [laughable] "budget" is a bike bell (not even the bike itself). so i can use it to warn slow @ss pedestrians to [move b!tch] get out of the way, since walking is about the only mode of transit that doesnt cost any money. at least that's free...

click for more info: audi q5

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