Friday, April 17, 2009

anthropologie year of the "the shaft" necklace

f*ck, the yankees just tied it up. i hate you texeira.
you big log.

so im really happy i got borned on the year of the monkey. and btw, my necklace is the perttiest out of all of these [sticking tongue out]. i think its the bestest chinese [food] zodiac sign. i feel bad for you year of the ox people, talk about getting the shaft. like that sucks. i wouldnt even disclose to people if i were an ox. also think about it. people usually tattoo this sh!t on their bods, imagine if you had to tattoo an ox (out of all aminals) to your ravishing ric rude bod?

however. as karma can [and always] bites me in the @ss, my parents probably really found me in a cardboard box (under the brooklyn bridge) and lied to me about my age. they probably just rounded it off. for all i know, i could be like 5 years younger, and low and behold that happens to be the year of the ox.
just my luck.

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