Friday, April 17, 2009

anthropologie lemon "alias" initial necklace

sometimes i need to be reminded of my own name. no, seriously. my brain is fried [like a deep fried oreo] to a crisp [thank you college]. i think getting just my initials would be sufficient clues to my first and last name. i mean i could make it easier and get all 10 letters of my name, so it cuts down on the guessing game.

yes. yankees are losing. oh joy...
sorry for the interruption. nothing more in life makes me happier than seeing the dang yankees lose. especially to a sh!tty team.

update: so ix-nay getting the full name-age. realized if i give some loser at the bar my fake alias, [anastasia beaverhausen] he maybe smart enough to realize that that is really not my name judging by the 10 letters dangling from my neck. honestly tho, judging by the douche-baggy population of men in nyc, i actually maybe able to get away with it. i mean you're lucky to meet a guy in nyc that even has the ability to read, let alone spell.

ps: good thing the necklaces dont come in numbers. cause i sure as hell give out the wrong phone number plenty of times.

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