Monday, April 13, 2009

andy riley "easter" bunny suicides books

i refrained from posting on this material until after the holiday weekend. this to spare the die hard easter bunny devotees the realities of leading such a life of celebrity. after all the hoop-la and hype leading up to such a pastel rich holiday, come monday all is forgotten about easter. all the easter candy goes on sale, painted easter eggs are thrown out (or used as weapons on un-suspecting motorists), ears of chocolate easter bunnies savagely bitten off and countless easter bunny dollies are shoved in the attic (or donated to the salvation army).

can you imagine the mental trauma the easter bunny suffers, feeling all abandoned and relegated to z-list celebrity status after reaching american idol-like popularity just yesterday? poor wabbit. little dude needs some therapy for post-traumatic easter syndrome. and yes, this headcase [me] is diagonsing a new mental disorder.

however, sucess rate in treating such patients is fairly low due to the inability of verbal communication and the sheer amount of rejection felt by these furballs. riveting illustrations of cases where therapy has failed are chronicled in andy riley's bunny suicides books where these wabbits meet their demise. gotta tell ya, for such quiet creatures, they really know how to go out with a bang...

at least wabbits are known to pro-create pretty quickly (and often). so no worries you easter bunny freaks, they'll be no shortage of bunnies for easter 2010.

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