Tuesday, April 7, 2009

alessi spiritsona "need a bra?" stopper

speaking of putting sh!t to shame. this thing absolutely put my [fig shaped] mosquito bites into the tig-ol-bitties hall of shame. seriously, holy headlights. its got [water]melons bigger than pamela anderson kid rock lee's.

so in addition to keeping your un-dranken wine fresh, you get to cop a feel on some luscious gozangas. 1st of all, im sorry. not to sound like a [admitted] alcoholic, but who the hell saves wine? any [every] time i uncork that sucker, its guaranteed to be fully drank by yours truly (with some help, of course...)

ps: this "thing" comes in white, but i thought it looked waaaaaay more offensive in red. plus, it kinda looks like pamela rock anderson denise kid lee in her teeny bitty red baywatch bikini (with her jugs bobbing up and down while running up the malibu beach coastline.)

[cue music] baywatch theme song...

pps: a co-worker of mine pointed out the "pointy" appendage "sticking" out of this corker. listen, this thing looks freaky enough. i'll just keep my [perverse] comments to my dang self. corker has suffered enough...

breast synonmyn word count: 7

click for more info: alessi spiritsona stopper

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