Tuesday, April 7, 2009

alessi bunny & carrot "crack" kitchen roll holder

so the sh!t this alessi [italian] company makes puts all your dull and boring home accessories to super duper shame. the stuff they make looks like alice in wonderland on crack. i mean, how friggin cool? nothing's cooler than crack (contrary to ms. whitney houston's famed quote, "crack is wack." i gotta tell ya diva, it aint...)

you must be on some tripped out sh!t, thinking a carrot can be used as a paper towel holder with mr. bunny standing there as a bodyguard?

[cue music] and iiiiiii eee iiiii, will always love yooooou-hooo iiii, will alwaaays looove yooou...

sorry two references to ms. houston, cant help breaking out in song. whatever im asian. karaokee is in my blood...

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