Wednesday, April 8, 2009

accoutrements mr. bacon vs monsieur tofu "fight!" action figures

dude. i'd shell out the dough to watch this tyson/holyfield-esqe food fight on pay-per-view anyday. you got the evil artery cloggin mr. bacon in the red corner, and the coagulated soymilk frenchman in the blue corner. oui oui, we got ourselves a heavyweight protein fight. *ding! ding!*

according to the tale of the tape, baco's got the edge standing at a "lean" 5 5/8" tall, as opposed to toofu's 3 3/8" boxy stature. my bet's on francois. if you come from a country that eats sh!t [literally] such as snails, brains and camel's feet, dude thats hands down waay more hardcore than whatever the f*ck is in bacon.

ps: cant beat that bad-ass handle-bar 'stache. makes hulk hogan's trailer trash stache look girly man.

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