Friday, March 27, 2009

tiffany stars "i do" multi-drop necklace

dude, this sh!ts a bargain compared to everything else at tiffany's. just thank your lucky stars (pun intended) im not posting about my engagement ring. and yes , im a loser. ive already picked out my ring [worth a measly $75,000 and is located in the northeast side of the 4th floor, 3rd jewelry display, 7th ring from the right] at tiffany's [727 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022] map

and yes, ive tried it on too. i have no shame.

ps: if you're the dumb f*ck that will be marrying me and my wacked out @ss and you happen to read this post, just see this as a little [bright pink] post-it note for when you buy me my ring. cause it better be the one i want. or else, the answer pretty much wont be "yes."

that should shoo away like 99.9% of the male population. whatever. im picky.

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