Tuesday, March 24, 2009

sony p series "teenie weenie" laptop

1.4 pounds! jesus. thats lighter than how much my food on average weighs at one of those [rip-off] buffet [owned by koreans] deli places. and let me bring up an issue i have with these places. they tie your container with a rubberband. i mean that adds like $5.00 (since they charge like $94.00/lbs). ugh. apologies for going off on a tangent...

actually you know what im not. screw that. im poor.

also, my only peeve about this is, it aint an apple. im a total moron when it comes to pc's, windows, yadda yadda. this neanderthal [me] cannot handle the complexities of a pc.
sh!t needs to be like in sesame street lingo for moi [mw-ah].

ps: in about 1 1/5 years, the way this technology industry is going, they'll be making laptops small enough to fit on your keychain (perfectly next your duane reade savings card.)

click for more info: sony p series laptop

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