Tuesday, March 24, 2009

robert's gourmet "gluttony" tings

i now post about tings because i can [and want] to eat an extra large potato sack of them right now. this week already f*cking sucks. i f*cking hate work and i work with some of the biggest annoying dingbats. ugh. i hate stoopid people. everyone needs to be f*cking [mensa] geniuses like me. so i cope by emotionally eating everything in sight (including my pink eraser thats "loaded" with protein.)

tings are the "healthier" version of [those fattening and orange finger causing] cheese doodles. but i guess if you eat a hunk load [potato sack] of anything deemed healthy, you're pretty much still gonna get fat.

i cant f*cking win today.

its a sign i need to go to church and confess my sins. hope the priest has a free hour or five. its gonna be a long confessional (yes, even longer than the curious case of benjamin button.)

eh yo padre, want me to pick you up some [king size] goobers on my way to church?

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