Tuesday, March 3, 2009

orla kiely zipaway "getaway" shopper

the thoughts that came into my lop-sided mind when i saw this was:
(a) how cute.
(b) how compact.
(c) how can i use this?
(d) oh sh!t, i can use it to commit grand larceny.

its simple:
(1) take a bunch of sh!t to the changing room of a department store.
(2) unfold this do-hickey.
(3) snip off the sensors.
(4) put the sensors in an empty potato chip bag.
(5) stuff merchandise in do-hickey of a shopper bag.
(6) exit changing room (like nothing fit, cause im so bloated from my pms-ing).
(7) throw potato chip bag in garbage (before you exit the store, dumb-@ss).
(8) instant new wardrobe.

disclaimer: i do not endorse or condone morons who commit grand larceny. its like watching an episode of jack-@ss. we give you ideas on how to be idiots, but "seriously" do not try this at home.

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