Wednesday, March 18, 2009

nike air stab "car bomb please" st. patrick's day

no @ssholes. reason i didnt post yesterday wasnt cause i was stoned drunk/passed out in a sewer from that glorious irish holiday called st. patty's. i was just in a horrible mood (no, not pms-ing) after trying to navigate the city with no subway service crosstown, a friggin parade in the middle of manhattan, cabs at a standstill and sprinkle in some drunk irish folk in my obstacle course - it was like playing paperboy on acid. so, to spare my devoted readers my angst, i refrained from spewing explicit darts through my keyboard and ceased from blogging.

however, as i rise from the ashes of a non-hangover (not a touch of alcohol yesterday. *applause*) and better mood (gracias coffee) i pay homage to my irish peeps with this beauty of a shoe.

as a sneaker freak, this shoe would never see daylight as i would keep it in the box never to be seen, only by me, myself and i. wouldnt dare to risk having drunk wackos spill their car bombs or puke on my kicks. that would be an absolute tragedy and they would get a nasty beat down by yours truly. so again to spare my chances of committing 1st or 5th degree homicide, i would refrain ever having these kicks touch pavement. ever.

i guess the moral to this blog is: refraining is the key to anger management. apparently i think this is a new concept, since im patting myself in the back and crowning myself a genious.

ps: me refraining yesterday from drinking = more alcohol supply for you drunk fools.

see i be nice. sharing is caring.

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