Tuesday, March 3, 2009

nike air "re" pippen's

after a brief hiatus re-covering from my taser injuries and a free three hour open bar this past weekend (actually, let me re-phrase. still re-covering...) i re-enter the universe blindingly unaware that these pippen's were re-released. lets re-wind at the time these puppies were launched (1997) i was like the 9th man off my high school varsity basketball bench, which meant i was sitting on the pine for most of my stint. as i re-call back in the days, i re-ceived a $20/week allowance = no pippens for me.

fast forward to 2009 (yes, the current year for you re-tarded stoners) sadly the pitfalls of being a "grown up" and paying something called re-nt have again re-legated this shoe on its re-launch as unaffordable for this broke @ss burnout (me).

click for more info: nike air pippen


  1. that is the ugliest sneakers ever!!! glad your broke so you cant buy these fugly kiks!!!

  2. I remember those! I still loved the Darwins (Rodman) and the Uptempos (Robinson), which I have been buying ever since 2000 for basketball purposes. My current pair is on it's deathbed though.