Tuesday, March 10, 2009

nike air morgan "crayooola" mid id

i call this graffiti painting on crack for shoe whores/hoes (like myself). as forrest gump would say: "life is like a box of crayons, you never know what the hell you're gonna get when you get wackos who love shoes more than their own family (wives, girlfriends/boyfriends, dogs, iguanananas, goldfish included) having free reign to design their own kicks. and then at the end, buy them! holy hanukkah, its like the american dream."
[ok, forrest is not that eloquent of an orater as i am, thats why i wrote the dude a script.]

actually being a shoe whore/hoe, this maybe the item that really puts me into bankrupcy (a la: lehman brothers, circuit city, the united states of america's economy). if my [asian] mathematical skills serves me correct, there are about 4,568,458,225,222,111 combinations you can make with this schnazzy nike id system + an addict like me would foolishy sit at my computer and bang out all these combos then proceed to buy all of them = *voila!* broooke @ss mofo

guess i'll be sleeping my proverbial shoebox of a cardboard box in the streets on nyc [park ave of course]. just hope a bum doesnt choose to pee on me in midst of his stroll to the park bench in central park.

click for more info: nike air morgan id


  1. Where can i get these shoes? I am really crazy about the colour combination, i hope you can help me! mail to timmy_dino@hotmail.com