Thursday, March 5, 2009

marc jacobs rana "smooch" pouch

this bag is great. it comes with its own "stand-by" date. in the event you get stood up by your douche of a date and need to find a last minute replacement to the ball, just lay a big wet smooch [just add water] on this little froggy and *poof* it transforms into your very own prince charming.

i cant guarantee the dude is gonna be smoking hot (im not god you know?), so if you end up getting the goose-egg-of-a-not-so-good-looking-troll, luckily at the stroke of midnight he'll turn back into a frog. unluckily if you hit the jackpot and he ends up looking like brad pitt, you're screwed anyways. they all end up turning back to old toads (im not god you know?). so be prepared to wrangle a herd of cats in preparation for spinster-hood, because regardless the story will be an unhappily ever after ending.

now thats a fairy tale. take that disney.

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