Monday, March 30, 2009

kreppy doll factory "wacko" dan baxter dolls

its rare you find anything more disturbing than the usual thoughts and ideas that run in my noggin. however, these dolls really give my wack job of a mind a run for its money [pennies.] eureka.

i ran into this dude daniel baxter in union square couple years back, and he had a table filled with these dolls of disturbia. dont get me wrong, they are some cute f*ckers, but a bit wacked-out looking. ok, maybe not as wacko looking as michael jacko [jackson], but gosh dang close. he pretty much just gets scraps of anything you can sew and creates these frankenstein-esque dollies. daniel [igor] gave me his business card, which actually still sits atop my "desk" in my apartment. which yesterday, i for some reason decided to notice it in my efforts to spring clean my abode. (not very successfully.)

so, if you want to buy your momma a crazed dolly for the upcoming mother's day [great gift idea?], there are a bunch available for online purchase. my momma already knows what a weirdo i am/have become, so a gift like this from me would not be a far stretch. btw, momma's getting al bunny [3rd doll.] its practially a self portrait of me (sans the 'stache.)

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