Monday, March 16, 2009

holy shirt syracuse marathon "drinking" men tee

i went to bed at 3:00am woke up at 8:13am with a nasty hangover, making it into work by 9:03am (still hungover) and all i got was this lousy shirt.

ok fine, t-shirt is very groovy. but my hangover wasnt. after the "2 days" i would add with my trusty black sharpie "six pitchers of budlight."

ok fine, im not so sure about six, but if i were to place a bet, i'd take the over...


  1. see this is one of the posts i missed. im getting this. just dont know if i should get a large or an xl.

  2. and im taking the over on the pitchers. i mean that was a 4 hour game. just 1 pitcher an hour is very unlike a proud cuse grad.

  3. i agree, the over is the wise choice (cause all Cuse grads are f*ckin geniuses).

    i'd get an XL. for some reason that seems like the standard/default size most men get no matter what size they are (ego?).