Tuesday, March 10, 2009

gucci lucy "good grief" python/suede sandals

so much to say about this weapon above:

-one @ $1,475.00 (+ nyc tax) = roughly my monthly rent

-saks.com says: "due to high demand, a customer may order no more than three units of this item every thirty days." its like christ. what a sh!tty way to curb the spending of the rich. (i can hear housewives on the upper east side sobbing.)

-6" heel. still not considered long enough [i think] for use as a stake to stab a vampire.

-sandal? when you give it that decripton, i picture a friggin flip flop. this thing is a dagger. (boldness necessary)

-saks.com labels it an "aggresive shoe" - i mean really? when i think of an "aggresive" chick, i picture a girl named lucy. i mean look at the abuse that chick handed charlie brown. biotch.

thats all i have. hit a mental writing block. hope its not permanent. (screw all yous who secretly wish it was).

click for more info: gucci lucy python/suede sandals

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