Friday, March 20, 2009

gucci cruiser "pimp" bicycle

this aint your average huffy. and it sure doesnt cost the same [ahem...$6365]. but seriously thats a bargain when you consider the "amenities" that are included: gucci leather seats, gucci leather seat pack with a buckle (whoah), double pannier (whatever the heck that is), rear fenders (protection from that rubber-necking bike traffic, of course), rear rack and headlights.
oh and the best part: gucci handlebar bell. *ring ring*

however im a bit disgruntled. where's the streamers!? no bike would ever be complete. i'd pay an extra grand just to slap on some red & green gucci leather handlebar streamers.
pimp my cycle! where's xzibit when you need him...

fyi: i wasnt shopping for a bike [smart @sses]. this 2-wheeler just so happens to be in the "luggage" section on the gucci website.

and yes, i want gucci luggage. its my ploy to floss like a celebrity (ie: lindsay la-lohan) at the airport to trick the paparazzi into noticing me and take my pic. dont hate cause you didnt think of that ingenious idea. suckas.

click for more info: gucci cruiser bicycle

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