Friday, March 20, 2009

friday. and the madness is just beginning...

we're approaching 5:30pm EST, and 24 games are in the books for the 2009 ncaa tournament. i am currently 20 for 24 in my bracket (my one and only. with the Cuse winning it all.) i wont yet call myself the 2nd coming of billy packer, but thats pretty dang good so far. yeeeeah baaaby.

also, since im actually writing post, it would mean that syracuse won its tourney opener today. in the event they had lost to #14 seed stevie f. austin, i wouldve gone off the deep end and eaten/drank myself to my grave. thankfully, that did not happen [hallelujah] and world is still gets to be blessed with my cherubic angelic existence and all the bars in nyc wont go bankrupt cause their bestest customer is rip rat rooster roaring ready to...

[i dunno] i got all worked up and brain farted. nevermind.

to the ba we go.

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