Thursday, March 26, 2009

flip video ultra "itty bitty" camcorder

for the non-genius: no need to insert a blank vhs to record your sh!t (see, im compassionate. i state the obvious for the dumb.) however i have to point out, if you had any sort of ink-ling of the previous sentence, then jeeeez. get your head out of that 1980's gutter (well if your aqua net teased hair head) isnt clogging it. sh!ts all digital now. get with the f*cking program amigo(a).

btw: i love how these days they make such compact gizmos. my pet guinea has been begging me for years to get her a camcorder. ive always had break her [itty bitty] heart and say, "dear, they're all too big for you. now go back in your cage and spin on your wheelie like a good girl." i mean the reaction on her face was like telling her santa claus doesnt exist. yes, compadres. sorry to break it to ya'll. that movie elf was fiction.
[cue sound: global shattering of hearts. crash. thud.]

ps: fine. i dont own a guinea pig [anymore]. i dont do pets or plants, because they all end up with the same fate. just like the ant that stuck on the bottom of my shoe currently. eew.

pps: if you're gonna purch-@ss this dude. better get it in orange. go Cuse!

ppps: yes. shameful plug for the bestest ncaa basketball team in the entire solar system [including the milky way]

click for more info: flip video ultra camcorder

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