Wednesday, March 18, 2009

eero cb2 "seduto" puppy

ok. here's a doozie for you lazy f*cks that want a pet but w/o the responsibilites. in addition, it multi-functions as an ottoman (you can "sit" on it), "sits" pretty as a work of pop art and listens most the time when you tell it to "sit."
oh, apparently since its an italian pup "seduto." (like my italics for my italian translation? god, im so friggin creative.)

listen, for $99.95, you save on:
-getting the pup fixed. no chance in hell you becoming a grand-doggy dogg dawg.
-taking the pup for a pee outside. unless its got some "other" parts i didnt read about (or sold separately)...
-grocery bill. unless you're compelled to feed it, then go knock yourself out.
-utilties bill. no washing needed. actually...take that back
[if you decide on the white guy]. its like buying a white coat. sh!ts bound to get stained, just by looking at it.

bow wow ciao.
(i didnt make up that brilliant prose. its courtesy of cb2 online.)

ahh, such sweet sounds of shakespeare.

click for more info: eero cb2 puppy

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