Thursday, March 19, 2009

dogeared life's a "biotch" beach necklace

i buy this necklace. put it on. close my eyes, click my [ruby red sequin'd] heels and chant "there's no place like the beach. there's no place like the beach." open my eyes, and see...

friggin astroland? wtf? out of all f*ckin beaches, they choose coney island? that or someone call the maytag dude, cause that dang telepathopretoport machine is broke. i want my money back and $2.00 for the shipping & handling charge to get my miserable @ss back home on the subway.

update: ok, so it maybe partially my fault [gasp]. shouldve specified which beach upon the clicking of heels. guess thats what happens when you dont read instructions. phooey.

click for more info: dogeared life's a beach necklace

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