Thursday, March 5, 2009

crate and barrel wine "snob" bottle thermometer

i obviously have a lack of knowledge in the business of wine-ing. apparently during my recent trip to a wine-ry in sonoma, i acquired a severe case of add (or for lack of a better excuse, i didnt pop my hourly dose of ritalin in case i got an "effect" from mixing it with the vino). right. all i got out of "lesson" was red wine is served warm and white is cold. (applause)

so for all you wine snobs, they make this thing that "assures" that you're drinking wine at the correct (*correction* we're dealing with snobs here, i need to "up" my vocab) optimal temperature.

since i still think/act like a college frat boy, i'd get so hammered off boxed wine that my nimrod self would attempt to get this thing around the box. at that point, safe to say my cognitive skills are probably non-existent.

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