Monday, March 30, 2009

apple "newborn baby" iphone 3g

im sure everyone in this planet knows how cool this thing is. but let me friggin tell you...

i joined the iphone cult this past weekend, and its ridiculously amazing how life changing this guy is. it literally was like giving birth to a kid and experiencing the flood of joy and happiness that fills your life. ok, fine. i clearly dont have kids and im sure parents all over the world want to do some serious harm to me because of my overly [joyful] presumptious statement on child bearing/rearing.

in all seriousness, bless my blackberry for deciding to hate me and stop working. [good riddance, @sshole.] you twisted my arm to jump the verizon ship (well at a cost of $90 for early termination. f*ck faces) and join the at&t world of iphones. oh glee. this might actually help in making me a nicer [and happier] person. lookout world...

side note: in addition to doing nothing at work but shop online, read gossip columns and blog to you people, playing with my iphone and all the apps is another thing to keep me away from doing the job i actually get paid for.

it is a dang wonderful life.

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