Thursday, March 12, 2009

apple ipod "chip off the old block" shuffle 3rd generation

another addition to the ipod familia. as an added bonus, this guy talks and announces what song is currently jamming. honestly for me, i'd be mortfied. then the whole world will know im a closet backstreet boy fan.
[crap. great. nice job. i just outed myself. ]

ps: i would get this just to hear it say "smack my b!tch up" or even try to enunicate "chamillionaire" or "soulja boy."
im gonna torture the poor thing.

pps: it speaks 14 languages.
jesus. this thing is smarter than me. [ego is now bruised]

ppps: we're already establishing that im buying this.
i feel like angelina jolie (sucks i dont look like her).
i keep adding to my growing brood of ipod children:

1st child: ipod classic 3rd gen [bob]
2nd child: ipod nano 1st gen [bobby]
3rd child: ipod shuffle 2nd gen [robby]
4th child: ipod shuffle 3rd gen [homer] *doh!*

pppps: still waiting [impatiently] for apple to launch new classic ipod. hurry the f*ck up! i want a 5th "child" so i can have a basketball team of ipods.

ppppps: in the time it took me to write this post. ive already purchased it. i mean it wasnt my fault that my finger had a sudden spasm and accidently clicked the mouse button on "place order." i only wanted to add the thing to my shopping cart to see how much the total would be with shipping & handling and tax.

pppppps: .....ok, fine. i'll shut the f*ck up.

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  1. u coulda used my "gift card" i made u for this bad boy! u planning 2 cash it in netime soon?