Thursday, March 26, 2009

abercrombie & fitch pamela "college" tee

for those who know me know that i still act [and drink] like a frat boy. and not so shockingly i still shop and wear abercrombie, and probably still will when im old and saggy at 80. even more shocking, i have yet to blog about my beloved a&f! [gasp]

so in honor of my cherry poppin post on a&f i give you these pamela tees. i mean the story these three tees narrate are like your "typical" trials and tribulations in college.

funny: they leave off a fourth tee in this series because if you've partied hardy like miss moose and mr. beaver [this guy gets the male gender assignment for obvious reasons] there is no senior [4th] year. your drunk @ss got the boot for being on academic probation for the 3rd straight year in a row with a cumulative gpa of 0.023. which to look on the bright side of sh!t, its lower than the national blood alcohol content level to be considered for a dui [0.080]. however let me point out, to have a 0.080 is like the deans list of academic probation. so i guess in conclusion, you're still a f*ckin idiot.

btw, i swear. to see a moose and beaver get down and party like rock stars and it be depicted so artistic-ly on cotton is absolutely hysterical. oh and another btw, in my closer studies of the artwork on these tees, apparently mr. beaver is a miss (judging by the coconut bra she is flossing on the "get leid" tee.)
woopsy daisy.

ps: what the hell is the plural form of moose? i say meese.
[ie: goose/geese, choose/cheese]

pps: honestly im too f*cking lazy to look it up and really, and i dont give a sh!t. im gonna use meese, so screw all you word snots.

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