Thursday, March 26, 2009

abercrombie & fitch hopkins "flammable" trail tees

here are the male versions of "funny" a&f tees. not as "funny", actually kind of a let down [like most men.]
sorry cheap shot. but true...

however the indian pass one [middle] is friggin ret@rded-ly funny. it beautifully illustrates two logs boozing beers, while another one is doin the ever popular drunk-while-dancing-around-a-bonfire dance, the "stop, drop, and roll"
[i mean its even more popular than the chicken dance.]

i think the [drink] responsible folks over at a&f smartly added this depiction on a shirt displaying alcohol related activities and the end result of what happens when you're not careful. fire burns when you touch it, especially when your breath reeks of alcohol.


only you can prevent wildfires. - sez smokey the bear

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