Wednesday, February 25, 2009

swarovski erika & elvis super "captain planet" nature pendants

onto more "affordable" things. btw, since when did "swarovski" become synonymous (yes, big word, had to use the spell check) with cute little asian characters? guess after the olympics people saw how lucrative it was to be asian (or just to be made in china).

apparently if you put on this bejeweled pendant (necklace not included [c'mon] nothing's free these days) you can channel captain planet powers and turn yourself into a lean green recycling machine [psyche]. the chick's name is erika and her boyfriend is elvis (how cute. sold separately.)

click for more info: swarovski erika super nature
click for more info: swarovski elvis super nature


  1. btw. Necklace is included. Good luck finding them anywhere. There are super rare.

  2. you can buy them in Germany, my sister has just bought one there.

  3. where about in germany can you buy them?

  4. i have the elvis one for sale on ebay for £150

    UK only

  5. I would like to buy Super Nature Erika! If in Germany, please tell me where! I have looked everywhere with no luck!